Ask The Author

Ever finished a book and wanted to ask the author something? Like: was the setting based on the author’s hometown? How long did it take to research all those historical facts? What inspired such a dark plot?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could quickly ask them?

Well, we aren’t giving out phone numbers, but we’re doing the next best thing. Click here to ask any of our authors a question and they’ll answer you as soon as they can. You can choose to keep it private or we’ll post your question and the author’s answer here so others can read it too!

David Donachie on Tested by Fate

9 February, 2015

Q. I am a huge fan of your writing style,  having read all of the John Peace series. I have enjoyed them so much that I have a beautiful hardcover collection in my library. I am looking for a hardcover edition of Tested by Fate, as that 3 part series is my next read. Any ideas […]

Susan Kelly on the Gregory Summers Novels

22 October, 2014

Q. I have read the full series of the Gregory Summers novels and thoroughly enjoyed their many layered plots. I was wondering if you will be writing anymore in the series or any other novels or stories you are working on. Also, have you a website or blog that I can follow. Thanks and best wishes. Kath, Leicester […]

I D Roberts on Research & Wassmuss

14 October, 2014

Q. My husband and I really enjoyed your book and would like to know how long it took you to research it? We investigated ourselves about the real life character, Wassmuss, who we found fascinating. Diedre, London. Hi Diedre, Many thanks for your kind words about, and interest in, Kingdom Lock. I’m delighted you and […]

John Wilcox – on Starshine

17 July, 2014

Q. The novel is set at the time of World War 1. What sparked your interest in the Great War? My father and all his (older) six brothers all served throughout what was later called the Great War.  They were all rifle and bayonet infantrymen and amazingly they all survived, albeit with various wounds.  Uncle Ernest […]

Edward Marston – a query about the terms Camden and Camden Town

21 February, 2012

Q. I have recently discovered your Railway Detective books and am thoroughly enjoying reading them. They are obviously well researched but I have a question regarding the residence of Caleb and Madeleine Andrews. I was born and brought up in this area which we always referred to as Camden Town. The term Camden appeared to […]

Rachel Caine – How do keep thinking up new ideas and keep readers hooked?

23 August, 2011

Q. Hello! I’m reading your Morganville Vampire Series and I am very impressed at how you come up with such amazing ideas all in one book, and how you have managed to keep me amazed and interested for every book of the series, you make up complete shocks for every book. Anyway, what I am […]

Rachel Caine – Tips for a wannabe writer?

3 December, 2010

Q. I love your series of books and read all of the time. I was wondering if you have any tips for me, I have always wanted to write a book of my own but dont know where to start? With publishers or what to write? I have some good ideas I am told but […]

Rachel Caine – What were your inspirations for Morganville?

13 October, 2010

Q. Hi Rachel! I’d just like to know what inspired you to do the Morganville series? I am a huge fan and I absolutely adore Claire, Eve, Micheal and Shane! Who inspired the characters? What inspired you to have the setting in Texas? I thought the bullet in The Dead Girls Dance was really clever […]

Elizabeth Corley – What’s next after Innocent Blood?

7 July, 2010

Q. I have really enjoyed the four Fenwick/Nightingale novels and wondered if there were plans for anymore following Innocent Blood? Andrew Newman, Rotherfield, East Sussex A. I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed the Fenwick/Nightingale series so far – and thank you for letting me know that you did! I am working on the fifth book now […]

Edward Marston – Was ‘nasty’ a word in the 1850s?

10 June, 2010

Q. In your book The Railway Viaduct, you use the word ‘nasty’ (Sorry, I forgot to mark the place and I don’t intend to reread the entire book to find it.) Since the story takes place in 1850, I have to inform you that the word did not exist then.  ‘Nasty’ was a term developed […]

Elizabeth Corley – a few questions about Grave Doubts

5 February, 2010

Q. What Sussex town is Harlden based on in your excellent book Grave Doubts, and how did you get the insight into the mind of a fiend such as Smith. Also, I was very impressed by your knowledge of police procedure. How did you learn that? Charles Thain, Worthing A. Many thanks for your interest […]

Edward Marston – Will we see more of Christopher Redmayne?

8 September, 2009

Q. I have read all your Christopher Redmayne series with the exception of The Amorous Nightingale which does not seem to be available anywhere except on ebay. Certainly not in bookshops in Central Scotland or any of the Waterstones stores nationally or online. My question is basically, Why? And is there something special about this […]

Tim Lebbon – What’s it like to co-write a novel?

9 March, 2009

Q. I know that as well as writing your own novels, you also co-write books with other authors. How do you approach this collaborative process – is it very very different to writing on your own, and do you enjoy it any more or less than writing solo? Susan Carnaby, London A. I love collaborating.  […]

Marshall Karp – Lomax v Biggs?

8 March, 2009

Q. Your characters Terry Biggs and Mike Lomax make a great pair, but if you had to choose, who would you pick to hang out with? Dave Lennox, London A. Mike Lomax or Terry Biggs?  What’s the next question?  Donald Trump or Rosie O’Donnell? Gut reaction, I’d pick Mike.  A couple of reasons.  While they […]

David Donachie – Why did you become a novelist?

26 February, 2009

Q. Why did you decide to become a novelist? Janet Hawkins, Bath A. I was once asked the same questions by a radio interviewer and my reply was, ‘Desperation. I have tried everything else.’ It’s true, I’d been a decorator, salesman, truck driver, ice-cream vendor, cleaner packer and an entrepreneur who launched a dozen projects […]