Anyone fancy a half-price trip to the Maldives?

I have always wanted to come across an amazing travel deal, out of the blue, and then throw caution to the wind and book it right then and there – a kind of romantic and extravagant act of spontaneity. Nothing however has quite appealed enough to warrant that kind of action.
But today I received my monthly TravelZoo newsletter and in it was this:

Click here for the deal

This would be it. This is what would have me leaping for my Amex card. But no, I can not seize this moment because I am already booked on a flight to Australia for a wedding (I see you rolling your eyes and thinking “oh poor you”). But my point is, if anyone else out there has been waiting for a deal like this – go for it. I will live vicariously through you. Just don’t send me gloating pictures from the pool side.

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity Manager

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