Any good suggestions for good reads whilst on safari?

A brief summary of my current To Do List looks something like this:

Pick up wedding order of service booklet from the printers
Buy binoculars
Pack far-too-small suitcase for a 3-week holiday
Get married in Umbria (near my 104-year-old gran who always deserves a mention)
Head off to African for honeymoon
Avoid looking at bank account

And the last item on the list is:

Find a good book with African setting to read whilst on trip.

I thoroughly enjoyed Cutting For Stone by by Abraham Verghese although that is primarily set in a small hospital compound in Ethopia and as I’m travelling to the Serengeti in Tanzania and then Zanzibar, I’d love to find something set specifically in these areas.

A quick search on Amazon wasn’t helpful. I did find Serengeti, The Eternal Beginning, by Boyd Norton – a hardback photography book which looks gorgeous, has immediately got me even more excited about the trip, but not the best companion when your baggage restriction is a measly 15kg.

Then there’s a dubious erotic fantasy series available on Kindle – Serengeti Heat, Serengeti Storm, Serengeti Sunrise… featuring characters that shapeshift into lions, which isn’t really the evocative African read I was looking for.

So, if anyone has any fabulous suggestions to throw my way in the next two days, feel free to share…

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager


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