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Lately, I have taken up running again. Mainly, I’ll admit, because my boyfriend has been training for 10k races and my competitive side feels the need to prove I am equally as fit. (I’m ignoring the fact that Reality is laughing in my competitive ego’s face.)
Anyway, I knew I would need three things to ensure I’d stick to the new routine: a) good shoes – I have dodgy knees, b) good tracks on my ipod and c) to see results and not get bored. So, for anyone else thinking about taking up running, I share a few tips:

1. Check out RunnersNeeds which have a good selection of all brands and video you on the treadmill to help see what show may suit your foot better. I was in the store this weekend and learned Adidas tend to suit a narrower foot and Asics a higher arch (Who knew?). For Asics lovers – note the Asics store off Oxford Circus now has a unique 3D scan to check your foot structure – bit of a marketing ploy but pretty cool.

2. Who’d have thought Guns & Roses would turn out to have great tracks to run to.  May I recommend Sweet Child o’ Mine (great booster of an intro)  – a personal favourite to get me in the running mood!

3. Mix it up. Forget jogging the same route or distance at the same pace. My three runs a week now consist of: a 5km route round my neighborhood at a moderate pace, four 400m all-out sprints round a running track (it absolutely kills you but is great for your lungs!) and then a 7-10km slow run through the trees and hills and dirt paths of Wimbledon Common. It’s kept things interesting and I’ve seen my fitness improve much quicker!

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity Manager

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