D E Meredith Extras


In an article written especially for Book Oxygen, author D E Meredith exposes the valuable links between experience and writing, revealing some of the dark origins behind her debut Devoured, the first novel in a the Hatton & Roumande series set in Victorian London and featuring one of the first forensic detectives.



New writers are usually told to write what you know, but here D E Meredith, author of the Hatton and Roumande Victorian Crime series explains On the Literary Sofa why she writes what she doesn't know...



Strange Alliances interviews D E Meredith about the process of writing her first novel, Devoured, from the orginal idea to publication, her research on the Victorian period and forensics, writing Victorian dialogue and more...



The Next Big Thing works like a recommendation chain-mail with authors answering the same 10 questions before inviting other authors to do the same thing. Here, Victorian crime-writer D E Meredith talks about her upcoming book The Devil's Ribbon and who she thinks should be The Next Big Thing...



Author DE Meredith, author of the historical crime novel Devoured, imagines a travel guide for those travelling to Borneo in 1856 for BBC History Magazine.



Victorian crime writer D E Meredith talks to Glow Magazine about her books and influences, why she is 'knee-deep in corpses', what today's politicians could learn from the past and much more...