Bitter Greens Takes Another Captive

21 January, 2015

This week I began reading Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth and, at the risk of appearing biased, have been totally captivated by it. What we know as the fairy tale, Rapunzel, is traced back to its origin, any glossing-over or ‘Disneying’ forgotten. The stories of the three central female characters are cleverly woven together: Charlotte […]

Should we fictionalise real people?

16 January, 2015

It cannot be denied that stories from the past, recent or distant, are incredibly popular with modern audiences. From success of television drama The Tudors, telling of Henry VIII’s reign, to the feature-length Titanic, we are intrigued by historical events. However, to what extent is fictionalising the past misleading audiences and is it ethically correct […]

Leave Frankenstein Alone

9 January, 2015

It saddens me that production companies feel compelled every few years to churn out yet another Frankenstein remake. With their reputation for all-star casts and their textual inaccuracy –it is unforgivable to confuse the name of the creator with the created –it needs to stop. In the same year as the National Theatre stage production […]