Non-Psychic Pet of the Week

15 July, 2010

Anyone following the World Cup last week will have noticed that by the time the day of the final arrived, team selections, player form, tactics and anything actually football related had been eclipsed by the acres of newsprint and cyberspace granted to Paul, the psychic octopus of Oberhausen zoo who had correctly managed to foresee […]

A minute in the life of…an Art Editor

17 August, 2009

I have made a rather unpleasant discovery. The Pantone guide (which I use to ensure I have chosen the right colours for our book covers before they go to print) has always sported a disclaimer stating that the colours within are subject to fading and discolouration and as such the sampler should be replaced annually. […]

What an Art Editor buys off Amazon…

16 July, 2009

I am, and always have been, an internet binge shopper: I won’t buy anything for months but then I’ll log on to some site (Amazon being the one-stop port of call of choice at the moment) and test my credit card for endurance over a couple of hours, usually during a rainy afternoon. So, during […]

I have been outed.

15 May, 2009

So, just when I thought I could continue to pootle along undetected, generally keeping a low profile and letting our readers believe that the A&B office is staffed by only five people, along comes my colleague Louise who blows my cover by mentioning me in her entry about Lord of Misrule – thanks, Louise!!! Just […]