Elizabeth Corley

Elizabeth Corley – What’s next after Innocent Blood?

7 July, 2010

Q. I have really enjoyed the four Fenwick/Nightingale novels and wondered if there were plans for anymore following Innocent Blood? Andrew Newman, Rotherfield, East Sussex A. I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed the Fenwick/Nightingale series so far – and thank you for letting me know that you did! I am working on the fifth book now […]

Elizabeth Corley – a few questions about Grave Doubts

5 February, 2010

Q. What Sussex town is Harlden based on in your excellent book Grave Doubts, and how did you get the insight into the mind of a fiend such as Smith. Also, I was very impressed by your knowledge of police procedure. How did you learn that? Charles Thain, Worthing A. Many thanks for your interest […]