Edward Marston

Edward Marston – a query about the terms Camden and Camden Town

21 February, 2012

Q. I have recently discovered your Railway Detective books and am thoroughly enjoying reading them. They are obviously well researched but I have a question regarding the residence of Caleb and Madeleine Andrews. I was born and brought up in this area which we always referred to as Camden Town. The term Camden appeared to […]

Edward Marston – Was ‘nasty’ a word in the 1850s?

10 June, 2010

Q. In your book The Railway Viaduct, you use the word ‘nasty’ (Sorry, I forgot to mark the place and I don’t intend to reread the entire book to find it.) Since the story takes place in 1850, I have to inform you that the word did not exist then.  ‘Nasty’ was a term developed […]

Edward Marston – Will we see more of Christopher Redmayne?

8 September, 2009

Q. I have read all your Christopher Redmayne series with the exception of The Amorous Nightingale which does not seem to be available anywhere except on ebay. Certainly not in bookshops in Central Scotland or any of the Waterstones stores nationally or online. My question is basically, Why? And is there something special about this […]