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Review World I Made For Her, The

Cover of World I Made For Her, The

Author: Thomas Moran

Genre: Literary Fiction
Format: E-book
Pages: 288
Pub. Date: 4th August 2000

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Format: E-book

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James Blatchley is the longest-term patient in a New York intensive care unit. For months he has lain in the same bed, lapsing in and out of comas, breathing and eating through tubes. Nuala is the Irish nurse who monitors his heart-rate, changes his bedclothes and haunts his dreams. She is with him as he slips into yet another coma, and beside his bed when he comes out of it.

James can sense that Nuala's life in America is unhappy, that her childhood in Ireland was worse. So he creates an imaginary world for her, a world in which she can soar over oceans and fear cannot touch her. In the world James makes for her, Nuala swims in the Celebes Sea, lunches at Lake Como - and falls in love with him.

Unable to speak, James communicates through an alphabet board and, as she gets to know him better, Nuala begins to connect the handsome man in the photo above his bed with the wasted. feverish patient she is nursing. As real and imaginary worlds converge, an unspoken love emerges from the depths of despair.

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