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Review Ultimate Book of British Comics, The

Cover of Ultimate Book of British Comics, The

Author: Graham Kibble-White

Genre: Popular Culture
Format: E-book
Pages: 384
Pub. Date: 31st October 2005

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Format: E-book

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What was your favourite comic as a child? Everyone has one - the one you would faithfully read each and every week then take to school to swap, the one you collected in dusty piles under the bed and refused to throw out. Was it the Beano, or perhaps Dandy, Nutty, The Eagle, or 2000AD?

No matter which comic was your all-time favourite or which superhero character you wished you could be, they are all remembered in this fact-filled and hilariously funny encyclopaedia, which reveals how these quirky and colourful creations have shaped the lives of British children since the Seventies.

The Ultimate Book of British Comics is the first book to celebrate this often-overlooked aspect of our popular culture and is sure to bring a smile of reminiscence to the face of every reader.

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