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Review The Last Roman: Honour

Cover of The Last Roman: Honour

Author: Jack Ludlow

Genre: Historical Fiction
Format: E-book
ISBN: 9780749014414
Pages: 0
Rights: World
Pub. Date: 22nd January 2015

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Format: E-book

Part of the series:
Last Roman Trilogy

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Sixth century Constantinople. Flavius Belisarius is barely eighteen and is already commander of the cavalry patrolling the Persian frontier. A brilliant soldier but a poor schemer – Flavius needs to be both in order to survive the febrile politics of the Eastern Roman Empire.

When his friend, Petrus Sabbatius uses trickery to elevate himself to the position of co-Emperor, Flavius finds himself embroiled in an explosive venture of machinations and warfare. The brave general must battle against the deadly Sassanids and protect the co-Emperor from his own subjects who are out for blood.

As the valiant leader sets out to re-conquer the Western Empire from the hands of the Vandals and Ostrogoths, Flavius is unaware that his wife, joining him on the campaign, is secretly charged to spy on him.

Honour is the second instalment in the brutal Roman trilogy. Only the most merciless traitors prevail in a volatile land where one wrong step will cost you your head.

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