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Review A Gentleman of Fortune

Cover of A Gentleman of FortuneRead An Extract of A Gentleman of Fortune

Author: Anna Dean

Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: E-book
ISBN: 9780749010713
Pages: 0
Rights: Uk & Comm ex Canada
Pub. Date: 7th March 2011

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Format: E-book

Part of the series:
Dido Kent Mysteries

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Richmond, 1806. Miss Dido Kent has developed rather a taste for mysteries. Having solved the riddle of her niece’s missing fiancé and the body in the bushes at Belsfield Hall, she is finding her quiet holiday at her cousin Flora’s home rather unchallenging to say the least. And Miss Dido Kent is a woman who likes to be challenged.

So when a neighbour dies suddenly, leaving her entire estate to her young nephew, Miss Dido can’t help but be suspicious. But is her over-active imagination making her look for murder where there is none?

When the local doctor pronounces an overdose as the cause of death and publicly accuses the nephew of killing his aunt, Miss Dido feels her inquisitiveness is justified. And when Flora prevails upon her cousin’s mystery-solving capabilities to prove the nephew innocent of the crime, Miss Dido can hardly refuse to comply. After all, what harm can a little investigating do?  

With dirty dealings and death amongst Richmond’s upper classes, Miss Dido Kent is ideally placed to observe her neighbours’ behaviour, and as she does so, she brings more to light than even she could have imagined…

Beautfully written, A Gentleman of Fortune is a perfect crime novel which captures the spirit of Jane Austen’s world, and wraps it up in an intriguing mystery.  Irresistible!

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