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Author: Tim Lebbon

Genre: Sci-fi & Fantasy
Format: E-book
Pages: 528
Pub. Date: 6th April 2009

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Format: E-book

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A vivid and epic journey that dares to cross the forbidden boundary separating us from all we fear – and desire – the most.

Shrouded in mystery from time immemorial, the Great Divide – a treacherous sheer cliff soaring miles into the clouds above – has long provoked curiosity and fear in Noreela’s human inhabitants. If anyone can penetrate the myths surrounding it, they will instantly enter into legend and garner wealth and glory beyond imagination.

The potent lure of promised fame and riches entices two Voyagers, Ramus and Nomi, to attempt the impossible and they embark on their perilous quest amid great secrecy. But with danger lurking in the shadows around them, they never suspect the greatest threat may lie within themselves… 

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