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Review Detox Your Finances: The Ultimate Book of Money Matters for Women

Cover of Detox Your Finances: The Ultimate Book of Money Matters for WomenRead An Extract of Detox Your Finances: The Ultimate Book of Money Matters for Women

Author: Justine Trueman

Genre: Self-improvement
Format: E-book
Pages: 336
Pub. Date: 5th January 2009

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Format: E-book

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Would you like to... Be able to afford more designer outfits? Stop fighting with your partner about money? Get out of debt? Manage your mortgage? Invest your savings? Set up a suitable pension?

This practical guide is the the ultimate accessory for the modern woman - and will help to achieve your goal!

Author Justine Trueman has never earned more than an average income, and yet has achieved financial freedom applying the skills she shares in this book. Cutting away at the financial jargon that can be so intimidating, it offers a simple and empowering approach to money matters, so that any woman can improve their relationship with money, feel in control of their finances, build their wealth, and leave money-stresses behind!

Includes how to:

  • Understand your own attitudes to money
  • Budget effectively to suit your lifestyle
  • Overcome debt
  • Top up your savings
  • Become a savvy investor! Learn about funds, stocks, portfolios and property investment...
  • Negotiate a better salary
  • Manage your mortgage
  • Deal with people in finance
  • Plan for a fabulous future!

And much more...  

It's also packed with tips and inspirational stories to motivate you into finally making your money work for you!
For more tips, discussion and support, join the Detox Your Finances forum on Facebook!

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