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Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780749081072
Pages: 288
Rights: UK&C
Pub. Date: 16th October 2006

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Price: £6.99

Format: Paperback

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Sister Agnes is about to take her final vows, but is worried about giving up all her earthly possessions.  If she ever leaves the convent, how would she survive with no home and no finances?  However, Agnes's concerns are put into perspective when Walker McFadden, a lodger at the hostel for addicts at which she works, is found dead. 

When Walker's handsome brother Alasdair turns up at the funeral and announces that he believes Walker's death was no accident, he enlists Agnes's help in tracking down the killer.  By tracing Walker's childhood friends and comrades in the Falklands War, Agnes stumbles on Walker's own writings of horror and revenge on an unnamed man.  Agnes feels she is beginning to pick up the trail of truth but is anxious about where that trail might lead.

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