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Review Christmas in Peppercorn Street

Cover of Christmas in Peppercorn Street

Author: Anna Jacobs

Genre: Women's Reads
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780749024635
Pages: 0
Rights: World English
Pub. Date: 2019-10-24

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Price: £19.99

Format: Hardback

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Christmas is approaching but the mood on Peppercorn Street is anything but jolly. 

Claire is convinced her stalker ex will catch up with her, and Luke is finding that living with a teenage daughter brings its own problems. When Claire and her young daughter are involved in a road accident, Luke is on hand to assist. But returning home to find her car damaged, Claire fears that her ex has found her once again. Seeing her distress, Luke impulsively offers them shelter in his home. 

Will this Christmas give them the best present of all: a new family? Or will Claire’s ex again cause trouble?

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