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Satanic Killings

When Satanism first began to penetrate popular culture in the 1960's, through the lyrics of The Beatles and The Stones, it was intended as a harmless rebellion against conventional society. Yet, inevitably, this encouraged more radical extremes to follow, with Black and Death Metal bands b...
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Children Who Kill

Carol Anne Davis

Why would two young boys abduct, torture and kill a toddler? What makes a teenage girl plot with her classmates to kill her own father? Society regards children as harmless ­- but for some the age of innocence is shortlived, messy and ultimately murderous. Mary Bell, Robert Thompson...
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Women Who Kill: Profiles Of Female Serial Killers

Carol Anne Davis

Why does a young woman lure teenagers into her car then participate in their horrific rape and torture? What makes a nurse lethally inject the healthy babies in her care? Women, statistically, aren`t a violent breed ... but the female of the species can be just as deadly as the male. From...
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