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Maxwell's Revenge

M J Trow

With the beginning of a new school year under way, Peter ‘Mad Max’ Maxwell prepares to get stuck into his curricular routine and is looking forward to his forthcoming wedding to fiancée DS Jacquie Carpenter. The immediate task in hand for senior staff members is the hiri...
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Messenger of Truth

Jacqueline Winspear

London 1931. When controversial artist Nick Bassington-Hope is found dead, the police believe it is an open and shut case and his death from a fall is recorded as ‘accidental’. But his sister is not convinced, so she turns to Maisie Dobbs for help, drawn by the investigator&rsq...
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Format: E-book

Part of the series:
Maisie Dobbs

Microbes of Power

Alexander Wilson

A full-blooded, stirring yarn which grips the interest and carries the reader through a host of adventures to a breathless and highly exciting climax. This is a yarn told in the true Wallace tradition and Major Wilson is to be congratulated on maintaining the same atmosphere of quick-fire ...
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Wallace of the Secret Service

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Cath Staincliffe

  'People disappear every day.  Most of them choose to.  Have you ever been tempted?  Slip on a coat, pick up your bag and walk, or drive, or run.  Turn your back on home, family, friends, work. Why do people do it?  Because they can?  Because staying...
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Missing Link

Joyce Holms

Always in search of a good story, Fizz Fitzgerald finds it hard to hide her impatience when elderly Mrs Sullivan is shown into her office. Genteel and motherly, Mrs Sullivan can only spell one thing: boredom. Fizz is more than shocked, therefore, when Mrs Sullivan asks Fizz to help prove h...
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