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Year of the Woman, The

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Author Jonathan Gash
Rights World English
ISBN 9780749013240
Pages 352
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KwayFay was once a ‘Cockroach Child’, a homeless scavenger on Hong Kong’s waterfronts. Now grown, she lives in a squatter shack on the mountain slopes, and commutes each day to her job as a lowly office clerk. She survives by paying bribes if she has to, and keeping silent when abused. Her only ally is Grandmother’s Ghost.

Hong Kong is in ferment, for this is the time just before the Handover, when the Peoples Republic of China will repossess the Crown Colony. Hongs and Triads, underworld organisations above the law, are concerned, for China’s policy is to eliminate criminal cliques.

The head of a Triad learns of the impoverished ‘no-family’ girl who talks to ghosts, and wonders if she is a way out of his dilemma, but superstition is also forbidden by the incoming regime. It seems the girl might be the last chance for his Triad’s survival.

As the tension mounts, this latest novel by an acclaimed master of the genre will keep you enthralled and mystified until all finally comes to light?


What The Critics Said

‘Wonderfully evokes the exoticism, the poverty and the human despair that permeates the former colony alongside its affluence… An enthralling yarn that walks a perilous line between socio-political reality and a fascinating dream world of the unique heroine’s making’


‘As the tension mounts, this novel will keep you enthralled until all finally comes to light’

Bolton Evening News

‘Gash on top form; effortlessly entertaining, as ever’

Crime Time

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  1. Ken Greenwood

    i hope KwatFay lives a long life as i shall look forward to the sequel. Rich in the flavour of Hong Kong as it was prior to Mainland takeover. The characters, as many of Jonathan Gash’s do, come alive in the mind of the reader. This was truly one of the most entertaining reads i have had for a long time.

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