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Wry Martinis

Cover of Wry Martinis

Author: Christopher Buckley

Genre: Literary Fiction
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780749006846
Rights: UK & Commonwealth ex. Canada
Pub. Date: 1st July 2004

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Format: Paperback

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Can you imagine a world where the Pope appears on Oprah to promote his latest book? Where mad cow disease could be used to counteract illegal immigration into the USA from Mexico? If you've ever wondered what Christopher Buckley's alternative New York Times bestseller list might look like, how he'd improve on a presidential debate or why Tom Clancy is not his biggest fan, then this is the book for you. With over sixty-five memorable pieces ranging from deadpan parody to devastating takes on all manner of modern preoccupations, Wry Martinis is an intoxicating blend of wit and wisdom from one of the funniest writers alive today.

What Critics Have Said»

'Funny and devastating'Time Out

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'Martinis mixed by a master: smooth, dry and clinically efficient'New York Times

'Bright, knowing and out there'Entertainment Weekly

'One of the rarest specimens in his generation of that endangered species, the authentically inventive comic writer. "Wry Martinis" has an astonishing range, all the way from the history of the miniskirt to the language of the New American Bible.'Boston Globe

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