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Writers' Block

Cover of Writers' BlockRead An Extract of Writers' Block

Author: Judith Flanders

Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: E-book
Pub. Date: 19th February 2015

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Format: E-book

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Synopsis of book»

You know when you can have one those days at the office? You spill coffee on your keyboard, the finance director goes on an expenses rampage and then, before you know it, your favourite author is murdered. Don’t you just hate when that happens?

When Samantha Clair decides to publish journalist Kit Lovell’s tell-all book on the death of fashion-designer Rodrigo Alemán, she can scarcely imagine the dangers ahead. Cue a rollercoaster ride into the dark realms of fashion, money-laundering and murder, armed with nothing but her e-reader and her trusty stock of sarcasm…

A pitch-perfect crime caper offers a witty, intelligent and entertaining glimpse into the publishing world.

What Critics Have Said»

Terrific fun and cover-to-cover entertainment, rather like an English break neck paced Stephanie Plum.The AND Guide

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‘A staggeringly good comedy crime caper… Why does this work so well? Sam is simply a very real character whose personal armoury comprises pragmatism, cynicism and sarcasm.’It's A Crime Blog

‘A staggeringly good comedy crime caper… Why does this work so well? Sam is simply a very real character whose personal armoury comprises pragmatism, cynicism and sarcasm.’It's a Crime!

'Oozing insider knowledge, Judith Flanders' first venture into fiction is a witty triumph, a caustic, intelligent glimpse of life within a modern publishing house, its incisive bird's-eye portrait given added spice by the inclusion of a murder mystery at its core.'The Good Book Guide

'A wicked insider satire as well as an enjoyable caper... The enjoyment of this novel derives most of all from Sam’s wry and wickedly accurate depiction of both authors and publishers.'Andrew Taylor, The Spectator

'Writers' Block is charming and an absolutely perfect read for a Saturday curled up on the sofa. It's the kind of feel-good book which gives you an attack of the warm fuzzies – and you can't complain about that!'Crime Review

'From the first page you want Samantha Clair to be your new best friend. She is a smart, middle aged, slightly successful editor with an eye of the absurd and an ear for a great one liner... Writing comedy detective novels is a risky business but Flanders gets it right on both levels and keeps the reader intrigued and laughing in equal measure.'Daily Mail

'Deadly Funny. A slick crime novel set in the publishing world featuring Samantha Clair, a no-nonsense singleton with a mean line in irony.'Woman & Home

'A fun thriller. Acerbic editor Sam Clair is worried when her fashion journalist friend Kit goes missing just as she’s about to publish his tell-all book on the suspicious death of a designer at a Parisian fashion house. Simultaneously dealing with the vagaries of publishing life and conducting her own investigations, alongside policeman Jake, she also has to deal with her fiercely intimidating mother, Helena, a lawyer who insists on getting involved with the case. With enough intrigue for crime fans, strong characters, and lots of witty asides about the publishing industry, I’m hoping that this is the start of a new series.'Ruth Hunter, Booktime Editor, Bertrams

'It's a thriller, a wickedly funny insider's view of the book trade and the heroine has a backbone - for me, the perfect storm of an entertaining read. Loved it.'Kate Saunders, The Times

'This book was a delight from start to finish. And it didn’t take me long to finish, as I just sat and read it ignoring all other demands... The joy of the book is the witty style and the take on the life of an editor. With some fascinating characters this is a marvellous caper novel. Most highly recommended.'Lizzie Hayes, Mystery People

'Deadly funny. Judith Flanders’ wry take on publishing and death should be on everybody’s wish list.'Donna Leon, author of the Commissario Brunetti series

You must read WRITER'S BLOCK! It is hilarious, big-hearted, clever, whip-smart and devious. A truly wonderful crime novel by a brilliant writer. Set in the milieu of the publishing industry, Judith Flanders has found that difficult, magical ground between humour and crime, where the death is never trivialized, but the territory is hysterically pilloried. Brava!Louise Penny

‘This witty crime caper takes a brilliant mother-and-daughter investigating team from sloppy publishing to hard-edged corporate law, by way of high fashion and intelligent romance. It is a delight from first page to last.’Natasha Cooper

'I had no idea that the publishing world could be so funny - and so dangerous. WRITER'S BLOCK reminds me of the comic crime novels of Donald E. Westlake, with its own humorous, deadly edge. Judith Flanders has created one of the most engaging main characters I've encountered in quite a while. Indeed, even the minor characters are memorable. I chuckled while I feared for their safety, and hope to meet them in another novel."David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author of Murder as a Fine Art

'Funny and terrific'Elizabeth Buchan

'Mordantly funny'Philip Kerr

'Writers' Block is a dry, self-deprecating joy of a novel with a warm romantic soul. I read it in one sitting and enjoyed every moment of it.'William Ryan, author of The Holy Thief

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