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Cover of Wormwood

Author: D J Levien

Genre: Literary Fiction
Format: E-book
Pub. Date: 4th August 2000

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Format: E-book

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Fresh out of college and hungry for success, Nathan Pitch, twenty-one and full of ambition, lands a job in the mailroom of a leading Hollywood talent agency. But life in Hollywood is fraught with minefields - who to sleep with, who not to sleep with, who to schmooze, who to use. Moving rapidly from job to job, party to party Nathan grows to hate the fake tans, easy smiles and broken promises of his paymasters. Fuelled by regular mind-bending sessions with a bottle of absinthe, he determines to undermine the industry upon which he has based his hopes and career. This is a tale of test screenings, drug-addled executives and silicon-enhanced sex parties - a true insider's guide to the perversities of the movie business; piercingly and acidly comic.

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