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Where The Truth Lies

Cover of Where The Truth Lies

Author: Rupert Holmes

Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Format: E-book
Pub. Date: 28th May 2007

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Format: E-book

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Synopsis of book»

1970s Hollywood: O'Connor, a vivacious, free-spirited young journalist known for her penetrating celebrity interviews, is bent on unearthing secrets long ago buried by the handsome showbiz team of singer Vince Collins and comic Lanny Morris.

These two highly desirable men, once inseparable (and insatiable, where women were concerned), were driven apart by a bizarre and unexplained death in which one of them may have played the part of murderer. As the tart-tongued, eye-catching O'Connor ventures deeper into this unsolved mystery, she finds herself compromisingly coiled around both men, knowing more about them then they realise and less than she might like, but increasingly fearful that she knows far too much.

What Critics Have Said»

‘Hugely entertaining…witty, sexy and suspenseful…brilliant narration…a glittering ride’Publishers Weekly

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‘Rupert Holmes is a genius’Jason Alexander

‘Exceedingly clever… A slick, often sophisticated piece of popular fiction’The Washington Post

‘A big, juicy book with pungent dialogue, vivid descriptions, and outsized characters… Holmes is…one of those gifted people who seem able to do anything they want with the English language. So it’s no surprise that when Holmes wrote a mystery it would prove so entertaining… Every scrap of lawyerese or Mafia-speak, every titbit of Hollywood lore, every scene of mental or physical intoxication, every tightening of suspense is beautifully rendered, polished to a sheen. Holmes seduces us’Los Angeles Times Book Review

‘Holmes, who has won honors galore for his inventive storytelling on Broadway, delivers a giddy fun-house ride through bygone eras’The New York Times Book Review

‘Giddily sordid, ridiculously pleasurable’The Onion

‘Engrossing from start to finish’Entertainment Weekly

‘Five pages into Rupert Holmes’ Where the Truth Lies, I was intrigued. Twenty pages in, I was laughing. A hundred pages in, my wife told me to turn off the damned light already and come to bed. This is a book astonishing not only for its intricate plot and rich characters but for the ways in which it finds humor in the darkest of places’Eric Garcia, author of Anonymous Rex and Matchstick Men

'Sexy and surprising, witty and intriguing. I was hooked from the very first page’Candace Bushnell, author of Sex in the City

'Thrills a-plenty….exuberantly written and a great read’.Crime Time

‘A stylish and darkly funny novel’Glasgow Herald

‘A wonderfully flavoursome recreation of the hedonistic 1970s…writing which is always witty and frequently hilarious’Morning Star

‘A clever, funny and original gallop through 1970s celebrity culture’Literary Review

‘Stunning’The Times

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