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We Were the Lucky Ones

Cover of We Were the Lucky OnesRead An Extract of We Were the Lucky Ones

Author: Georgia Hunter

Genre: Literary Fiction
Format: E-book
Rights: UK & Comm ex Can
Pub. Date: 16th February 2017

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Format: E-book

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Synopsis of book»

The Kurc family shouldn’t have survived the Holocaust. In the spring of 1939 three generations are living relatively normal lives in Poland, despite the hardships Jews face. When war breaks out and the family is cast to the wind, the five Kurc siblings do everything they can to find their way through a devastated continent to freedom.

Addy, a musician, charms his way into possession of a Brazilian visa and into the first class piano lounge on a ship full of refugees bound for Rio; Jakob marries the love of his life in an abandoned house to a soundtrack of air sirens; Mila hides her daughter in a Catholic convent outside of Warsaw, only to return weeks later to find the convent in ruins; Genek endures a brutal winter in a Siberian gulag before embarking with his wife and newborn son on a year-long exodus through Persia to fight for the Allies; and Halina attempts to flee over the Austrian Alps on foot – while pregnant. All this, across continents and often in ignorance as to the fate of the rest of their family, while the wheels of war turn. We Were the Lucky Ones is a profoundly moving and memorable novel based on the author’s family experiences.

What Critics Have Said»

'I found the characterisation to be very realistic and it did not surprise me to discover the novel is fictionalised on the authors own ancestry, the author has done a phenomenal job, with this debut novel! … The journey from citizen, to enemy and eventually ‘displaced persons’ is thoroughly explored. … A compelling read, 4*'Abby, Anne Bonny Book Reviews

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‘Hunter side-steps hollow sentimentality and nihilism, revealing instead the beautiful complexity and ambiguity of life in this extraordinarily moving tale.’Publishers Weekly

'Like being swung heart first into history. Her engrossing and deeply affecting account of how the Kurc family survives the Holocaust, against every possible odd, will leave you breathless ... A brave and mesmerizing debut, and a truly tremendous accomplishment'Paula McLain, author of The Paris Wife and Circling the Sun

'It is an astonishing saga of hope, of luck, of destruction, and most remarkably of love, made all the more astonishing because of the true story at its core'David Gillham, author of City of Women

'An amazing story of survival and keeping hope against all odds. Definitely recommended – what a powerful novel!' 5/5Snazzy Books

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