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Watchful Eye, The

Cover of Watchful Eye, The


Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780749679956
Rights: World English
Pub. Date: 1st May 2008

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Format: Hardback

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A tense and contempoary thriller for those who love Minette Walters and Kathy Reichs, dealing with controversial psychological issues such as Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome.

Dr Daniel Gregory is a GP in a market town in Stafforshire.  Divorced and denied visiting rights to his seven year-old daughter, he is lonely and vulnerable to the dysfunctional behaviour of some of the locals.
Dr Daniel Gregory is a GP in a picturesque Mid-Staffordshire market town.  Divorced and denied visiting rights to his seven year-old daughter, he is lonely and vulnerable to the dysfunctional behaviour of some of the locals.

Locals like Vanda Struel, a single parent who repeatedly brings her toddler  into the surgery  with a succession of increasingly bizarre complaints. Or Chelsea Emmanuel, a precocious teenager who makes advances to him only to plan pathological revenge when he refuses. Or the fatally damaged town policeman, who suspects Daniel of harbouring an unhealthy attraction for his French wife...

When an elderly woman patient is mistakenly given a terminal diagnosis, Vanda becomes pregnant with her second child and Daniel's own possessive mother arrives on the scene, things head inexorably towards the final breaking point.


What Critics Have Said»

‘A tense and contemporary thriller...The insight into human nature portrayed by the characters in the book is masterly… I couldn’t stop reading. I wanted to pick up the next installment and continue reading about them all, so real and fully fleshed out were they. Highly recommended.Lizzie Hayes, Mystery Women

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‘This is the 17th novel from crime queen Masters…(a) ‘rattling good yarn..’Birmingham Mail

‘Priscilla Masters is one of the UK’s most respected crime writers. Her work has been compared with that of Agatha Christie and Ruth Rendell…Besides its cast of psychologically credible characters, taut plotlines and a narrative twist when the climax comes at Eccleston Town Bonfire, ‘The Watchful Eye’ displays Masters’ assured handling of medical settings…Her books sell all over the English-speaking world and are also popular in Eastern Europe and Japan…It would be a crime not to read it!’Staffordshire and Eccleshall Gazette

‘As well as being a prolific author, this latest novel is her twentieth…A romance, a mistaken diagnosis, a knicker stealer and a rather damaged policeman with a murky past and a French wife.’Staffordshire Life

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