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True Love of Mine, A

Cover of True Love of Mine, A

Author: Margaret Thornton

Genre: Women's Reads
Format: E-book
Pub. Date: 28th April 2008

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Format: E-book

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Synopsis of book»

It is August 1900 and ten-year-old Maddy Moon is relishing the prospect of a long summer in Scarborough stretching out ahead of her.

While watching the Pierrot shows on the beach, she meets and befriends another young girl, Jessie, who is holidaying in Scarborough for the summer. Maddy is enjoying having someone to show around, relieved that the 'family business', Isaac Moon & Son, Undertakers, has not put Jessie off.

But all is not well in the Moon household. Stern-faced Bella Randall, assistant to the Moon's family business, has a dark past and a mysterious hold over Maddy's father. Maddy distrusts the woman and it isn't long before her summer of ice-creams and sunshine is followed by heartache and loss. Long buried secrets threaten to ruin the Moon family and only time will tell if they can escape the trappings of the past and move towards a rosier future.

What Critics Have Said»

'Edwardian Scarborough us evocatively remembered in this marvellous family saga.' ... 'Another winning recipe from Margaret Thornton.'Historical Novels Review

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‘This is a charming childhood adventure with a truly appealing central character’Northern Echo

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