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Third Messiah, The

Cover of Third Messiah, The


Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: E-book
Pub. Date: 10th April 2002

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Format: E-book

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Disappointed in her love affair with a wealthy businessman, Julie is left feeling bereft and heartsick, not just with her failed relationship but with her whole way of life. When the New Church of the Heavenly Kingdom offer her the chance to join their spiritual, harmonious life far from the distractions of contemporary Beijing, it seems like an answer to her prayers. She leaves behind strict instructions that she should not be contacted by her family and goes to join the other young people who are opting out of Chinese society at the turn of the millennium.

Concerned, her sister Rosina Lin discusses her fears that Julie is being indoctrinated into a cult with her husband Wang Anzhuang, an inspector in the police force. When Wang learns of reports of the death of the cult`s mystical leader, he feels bound to investigate for both professional and personal reasons. The truth he discovers, underneath the persuasive rhetoric, is terrifying and time is rapidly running out.

Written with a sympathetic eye for detail and a gripping plot, The Third Messiah offers a rare glimpse into the heart of contemporary Chinese society.


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