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The Last Time We Spoke

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E-book, E-Book (USA), Paperback, Trade Paperback

Author Fiona Sussman
Rights World English
ISBN 9780749020644
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Winner of the 2017 Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel


Carla and Kevin Reid are celebrating their wedding anniversary with their son Jack. The family together, some good food, a perfect night.


On a murderous collision course with this joyous yet fragile gathering, is Ben Toroa, an unexpected and unwanted visitor. As Carla struggles to come to terms with the aftermath of the appalling  events of the night, and Ben faces the consequences in prison, their stories will be for ever entwined.


What The Critics Said

‘An incredible story of redemption, understanding and healing!’

Abby Fairbrother

'A gripping story about grief and redemption'

Sunday Mirror

'This really is a remarkable book, I cannot praise it enough. It touched something deep inside me ... The author is a new citizen of this country, and yet she has such insight and compassion into such a big issue ... Read this, be humbled and see how we can all make a difference.'

Kiwi Flora Reads


Cape Times

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  1. ReadAlongWithSue Sue Ward

    This was so dam good.

    The beginning of this book starts off with one huge blast that will keep you turning pages.

    I so want to be like Carla, strong and resilient. She shows a part of how strong and determined women can be. Emotionally.

    This book impacted on me so much.

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