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The Encyclopaedia of Classic Saturday Night Telly

Cover of The Encyclopaedia of Classic Saturday Night TellyRead An Extract of The Encyclopaedia of Classic Saturday Night Telly

Author: Jack Kibble-White

Genre: Popular Culture
Format: E-book
Pub. Date: 13th October 2008

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Format: E-book

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Synopsis of book»

Indisputably, Saturday night is the happiest night of the week.

Most of us have fond memories of sitting on the floor in front of the telly with our parents and siblings crowding out the sofa behind us. Dad is making half-hearted derisory remarks at the presenter on the telly screen, and brothers and sisters are getting excited at the prospect of some famous person getting gunged at any minute.  Meanwhile, mum`s just enjoying some honest-to-goodness, clean entertainment, and, as for you, you feel happy because you know there is still no school tomorrow, and there is a whole feast of treats about to unfold on your telly screen.

In this witty and nostalgic romp through the highlights and lowlights of  Saturday Night Telly, Jack Kibble-White and Steve Williams remind of us the great, the iconic, the hilarious and the just plain embarrassing moments that have made Saturday night TV so entertaining.

With a foreword from Jeremy Beadle and a comprehensive list of classic comedy, drama, entertainment, game shows and people shows, this is a must-have read for true TV buffs.

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“A fascinating new book, I really really do commend this to you… A great trip down memory lane”Nick Ferrari, LBC Radio

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“This is invaluable to anyone who watches television on a regular basis and finds themselves moaning about having nothing to watch at the weekend. Some of the programmes were truly awful, whilst others were truly fantastic. Great fun.”

“A terrific, easy-to-dip-into book, that indiscriminately assesses the joys of Jim’ll Fix It and Juliet Bravo next to The X Factor and The Premiership… Kibble-White and Williams have come up with a compelling reason to relieve your pocket of a tenner. 4-stars”

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