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Tapestry of War

Cover of Tapestry of WarRead An Extract of Tapestry of War

Author: Jane MacKenzie

Genre: Historical Fiction
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780749023058
Rights: World English
Pub. Date: 20th September 2018

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Format: Paperback

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From the deserts of North Africa, to the waters of Scotland, the Second World War touches the lives of two women from two very different worlds. In Alexandria, Fran finds her world turned upside down as Rommel’s forces advance on the idyllic shores of Egypt. The life of luxury and stability that she is used to is taken away as she finds herself having to deal with loss, heartache and political uncertainty.

Meanwhile, in the Firth of Clyde, Catriona works day in, day out nursing injured servicemen. Both have their lives challenged, and both dream of a more certain future with the men they come to love. Their heart-warming story takes them through tragedy to a quiet, hopeful triumph. 

Tapestry of War is a sweeping, evocative novel which brilliantly captures the second world war period of colonial Alexandria and the west of Scotland and will appeal to readers of Dinah Jeffries and Victoria Hislop.

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Women are the stronger sex, isn't that what we hear? This is definitely so many times over. Especially the war or pre war times when they had to take on all sorts of tasks including men's jobs.
The opening chapter slowly drew me in.
"It was just after dawn when Fran saw the body. She had set out from home in the pitch black as soon as she heard the all clear sounded."
She discovered this man was bleeding out a lot. She did the only thing she could and used clothing to pull the wound tight.
Fran had to overcome a lot during world war two.
Fran is a journalist and shes used to covering stories, but during these times people come into her life making an impact.
There is death, misery and despair, but this is also strength that shines through.
We also meet Catriona lives in Scotland who is fighting the war around her. She has her career, a rehabilitation nurse, but alongside that she has a Father, a lonely Father who wants no more than for her to stay at home and keep him company, how is she to juggle both?
These a characters that the author breathes life into and the reader soon becomes part of.
I enjoyed the sincerity within these pages, the way that life and the people came across throughout such a tragic time. Things I can't even imagine.
If you love historical fiction you will love thisReadAlongWithSue Sue Ward

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