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Sunshine and Showers

Cover of Sunshine and ShowersRead An Extract of Sunshine and Showers

Author: June Francis

Genre: Women's Reads
Format: E-book
Pub. Date: 8th November 2010

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Format: E-book

Synopsis of book»

Liverpool 1926. Patsy Doyle is settling into her role as a live-in maid in the Tanner household, but her new job is not going as smoothly as she expected. Since Mr Tanner returned from the Great War, the Tanners’ relationship has become increasingly strained. Mrs Tanner’s frivolous spending habits and nights out often leave her solicitor husband brooding at home, with only Patsy for company. Caught between the warring spouses, Patsy becomes an unwilling confidante and a keeper of more secrets than she’d care to acknowledge.

Joy Kirk is busy planning her wedding. When her first love was killed in the war, she vowed she’d never fall in love again. Now a little older and wiser, Joy realises that there could be some benefits to being a wife and, having spent many years working as Robbie Bennett’s cook and housekeeper, she finally accepts his proposal of marriage. But is she letting herself in for more than she bargained for?

As Patsy struggles to cope with the challenges her employers throw at her and Joy plans for her special day, they each learn that true happiness comes from those around you and the unconditional love and support of their families.

What Critics Have Said»

'A young girl's journey into womanhood in the 1920s - this tale is full of nostalgia, heartbreak, class warfare, pain and love. The deep, dark secrets of the Tanners is played out with flair and passion. The sort of story you will want to sit and read with a cup of hot chocolate, a packet of biscuits and a box of tissues. Terrific!'Books Monthly

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