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Starting Over, One Cake at the Time

Cover of Starting Over, One Cake at the TimeRead An Extract of Starting Over, One Cake at the Time

Author: Gesine Bullock-Prado

Genre: Biography & Memoirs
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780749008635
Rights: UK & Comm ex Canada
Pub. Date: 21st March 2011

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Price: £12.99

Format: Hardback

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Synopsis of book»

Gesine Bullock-Prado, was the head of her sister's (Sandra Bullock) production company. She had a closet full of designer clothes and the ear of all the influential studio heads, but she was miserable. The only solace she found was in her secret hobby: baking.

With every sugary, buttery confection to emerge from her oven, Gesine took one step away from her glittery, empty existence — and one step closer to her true destiny. And before long, she and her husband left the trappings of their Hollywood lifestyle behind, ending up in Vermont, where they started the gem known as Gesine Confectionary. And they never looked back.

Starting Over, One Cake at the Time follows Gesine's journey from sugar-obsessed child to miserable, awkward Hollywood insider to reluctant master baker. Chock-full of eccentric characters, beautifully detailed descriptions of her baking process, ceaselessly funny renditions of Hollywood nonsense, and recipes, the ingredients of her story will appeal to anyone who has ever considered leaving the life they know and completely starting over.

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What Critics Have Said»

'This book is absolutely delightful, Gesine’s writing is so atmospheric and she describes the processes with such passion, you are transported to her bakery in Vermont, the sounds, the smells, the flavours...Coupled with these wonderful descriptions are her recipes throughout the book. Whether you have ever baked, or if you have never picked up a mixing bowl, you will be inspired to go into your own kitchens and be creative. A wonderful example of how following your dream can bring real happiness. We loved it! Highly Recommended!'Hot Brands, Cool Places

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Gesine is very down-to-earth with a self-deprecating sense of humour that makes her into a very appealing narrative voice. The book is studded with indulgent recipes, many of them handed down through the generations on her German mother's side of the family. They all sound decadent and absolutely delicious but pretty much all use just store cupboard basics. I can't wait to try some of them out. Gesine also uses these recipes to show the power of food, when just a bite of a certain dessert can mentally transport you back to a time and place with people who may not be around any more. Gesine carefully constructs her narrative in just the same way she tweaks her recipes to get the perfect result. A touch more sugar here, a quick sprinkle of lighthearted tales about the eccentric customers there, and the finishing touch, some poignant tales of loved-ones lost. It's a frequently amusing tale of one woman's journey to self-contentment which is an inspiration to all of us. It's full of timely reminders to follow our dreams, appreciate our family ... and eat loads of delicious desserts!Cheryl Pasquier

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Gesine tells her story with humour and honesty, relating tales of the people who work with her, her customers and also talking so fondly about her late Mother. It was her German Mother who instilled in her the love of good food - cakes and pastries made with heaps of pure butter, real sugar and dark dark chocolate. None of those lurid colours, E numbers and synthetic creams allowed - Gesine's cakes and pastries and good, clean treats. Gesine's passion for baking and for her shop and her family shines through every page. She does tell a few tales of her days in Hollywood and speaks fondly of her sister, who she calls Sandy. The shop comes to life on the pages and every reader will aspire to visit for 3pm coffee and a slice of deep dark chocolate torte. Each chapter relates an hour in the day of running the shop and ends with a recipe for one of Gesine's own cakes or pastries - recipes with long ingredient lists, but recipes that make you want to rush out to the shop straight away to gather together everything that will allow you to re-create a bit of Gesine in your own kitchen. A wonderful read, witty and honest and certainly recommended.Anne Cater

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