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Star Babies

Cover of Star Babies

Author: Judy Flower

Genre: Popular Culture
Format: E-book
Pub. Date: 1st September 2006

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Format: E-book

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Synopsis of book»

An indispensable guide to understanding how star signs affect your baby and family dynamics.

Do you have a Piscean Einstein on you hands or an Aquarian Mozart waiting in the wings?
What should you expect from your Aries baby: temper tantrums or the silent treatment?
And how will a child's star sign influence its relationship with mum, dad or brothers and sisters?

  • Discover why an Aquarian mother should limit her natural chatter in order to soothe her quieter   Capricorn child
  • Learn how the emotional Cancer child relates to its boisterous Sagittarius father.
  • Find out the best way to handle a King-of-the-Jungle Leo child and its quieter, easily     stressed Virgo siblings

Laid out in a unique, easy to follow format, it includes every possible star sign combination.
Star Babies will give you invaluable guidance on how to enjoy a happy family life.

What Critics Have Said»

“A unique take on the relationship between parents and children. Beautifully laid out, the book aims to help you to understand and appreciate both the similarities and differences of your new arrival.” “Simply bursting with delightful conversation pieces” “wonderfully unique”Ladies First

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‘I couldn’t put it down…fascinating and incredibly accurate!’I’m Pregnant (Jan 2007)

‘A real boon if you are having problems understanding your children. The perfect gift…Recommended.’Vision (Jan 2007)

A fascinating guide for astrology fans revealing how star signs might affect your life with your baby’Practical Parenting Magazine

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