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Son of Blood

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Author Jack Ludlow
Rights World
ISBN 978074901253
Publication Date 25th February 2013
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The first in the new Crusades trilogy and a follow-up to the popular Conquest series, in which the de Hauteville dynasty continues on its rise to ultimate influence

Under Robert Guiscard, the de Hautevilles have grown in importance and power throughout Italy and, through the Papacy, all of Christendom. Now it is Robert’s son Bohemund’s turn to take up arms – the opportunity to fight under the papal banner in the Holy Lands could bring him the glory and riches he desires and which have been cruelly denied him elsewhere.   

What The Critics Said

'This rollicking tale is set in 11th-century Italy when the Normans were in charge...SON OF BLOOD is a thrilling tale but also choc full of accurate historical detail, giving a brilliant take on the period'

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