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Ripples on a Pond

Cover of Ripples on a Pond

Author: Madge Swindells

Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Format: E-book
Pub. Date: 15th May 2006

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Format: E-book

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Synopsis of book»

The well-heeled village of Temple Minnis, placid and picturesque, presents a façade as smooth and calm as its deep, dark lake. But all is not as it seems. Simon Shepherd's marriage is a sham, his daughter running wild. When he awakes one night to the smell of woodsmoke, his fury at the thought of tramps, gypsies or immigrants on his land is fierce. That is, until he sees the exotic and intriguing Bela who has taken refuge there.

But Temple Minnis has a darker secret to hide. Thirty years before, the villagers conspired to plan and conceal a murder, but only their dying local novelist, Melissa, suffers from pangs of conscience as she races towards extinction. It takes tough words and a touch of magic from the charismatic Tanzanian vicar, once the witchdoctor of his tribe, to persuade her to write her story...but as the villagers face up to the past, their lives change irrevocably. Love turns to fury and tragedy as Simon and Bela are caught up in the revelations. 

What Critics Have Said»

‘A very unique and different sort of a mystery…a passionate story of mystery, love and loss’

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