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Cover of Payback


Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: E-book
Pub. Date: 30th July 2007

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Format: E-book

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When Sandy Craddock witnesses his detested half-brother deliberately mown down by a hit-and-run driver outside his own place of work, he guiltily assumes that he himself was the intended victim.  He has, he believes, made mistakes that could earn him real enemies. Complicating the case, as Sandy decides to disappear, his boss wrongly identifies the heavily bandaged and comatose Warren Laing as his missing employee.

Convinced the killers will strike again once they discover they've targeted the wrong man, Sandy goes on the run. Caught up in a web of his own making, not to mention the toils of a scheming minx, Sandy finds that running from the outcome of his own mistakes has landed him in greater danger than he could ever have imagined.






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