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Objects of Desire

Cover of Objects of Desire

Author: C J Emerson

Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780749080068
Rights: UK & Comm
Pub. Date: 27th August 2007

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Format: Paperback

Synopsis of book»

Taking this baby feels no different from any of the others. People move aside long before Jess reaches them. Who needs a bell? she thinks; they can see I'm unclean. The corridor from the delivery room seems endless as she walks towards the nurses congregated at their station. The chatter quietens as she passes by and their heads rotate, but they avoid eye contact. Everyone belongs, except her.

A new life in Wales has not turned out to be the rural fantasy that social worker Jess imagined when she left London. Having put the memories of her previous harrowing cases behind her, she had hoped to embark on a simpler, more fulfilling future, but it seems there's no escape from evil, even in such a beautiful landscape.

Just as Jess takes on a new case, she learns that the body of a young boy has been found in the woods close to her home. Her worst nightmare becomes reality as she realises he was a child she was supposed to protect. As her professional life gets harder to deal with, Jess is forced to come to terms with her own past when someone unexpectedly reappears. She finds herself crossing the line from investigator to victim, forced to question the very basis of her identity, and she can only wonder: who's there to protect the protector?

What Critics Have Said»

‘...exceptional...beautifully written...very accomplished first novel.’Mystery Women, October 2007

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‘I’ve finished Objects of Desire, and I have to say it drew me in from the first sentence. It’s beautifully written and remarkably assured for a first novel. It’s stark, contemporary modern gothic with a plot like a nest of seething vipers. On the evidence here, CJ is already a highly impressive and immensely readable crime novelist. If this is what she delivers with her first book, heaven only knows what she’s got in store for us’Andrew Taylor, author of The American Boy

‘An accomplished and interesting debut… This clever and disquieting novel shows Ms Emerson to be a writer to watch’Sunday Telegraph

‘An unnerving debut novel’ The Western Mail Series‘An unnerving debut novel’

‘The author’s interest in psychotherapy is put to good use here, and the disturbing aspect of life in the Welsh community is as well evoked as the fragile psyche of the vulnerable heroine’Crime Time

‘A twenty-first century Gothic-style shocker…assured, densely plotted, heartfelt and regrettably credible’Literary Review

‘An intricate psychological drama. It’s brave and it’s different’The Bath Chronicle

‘A stunning debut novel..Stark, contemporary Modern Gothic’The Forester

‘densely plotted, heartfelt, and regrettably credible’Literary Review

‘Terrific read’

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