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Nothing Else Remains

Cover of Nothing Else RemainsRead An Extract of Nothing Else Remains

Author: Robert Scragg

Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: E-book
Rights: World English
Pub. Date: 19th September 2019

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Format: E-book

Part of the series:
Porter & Styles

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When Max Brennan’s estranged father and then his own girlfriend go missing in quick succession, he turns to his old friend Detective Jake Porter for help. As Max is then attacked in his own home, Porter and his partner Nick Styles waste no time in investigating. But when their main suspect turns up dead, alongside a list of other targets, it seems the case is much bigger than it first appeared. With events spiraling, can Porter and Styles catch the killer before another victim is claimed?

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After discovering this author Robert Scragg through the publishers sending me his debut thriller I was amazed that the debut was so good, it was high standard and sure was like a best selling author.
So receiving his 2nd book in the series I was overjoyed.
Max Brennan hasn’t had life easy. And he’s still not finding life straightforward. People in his life are going missing.
He goes to DI Jake Porter for assistance, but then Max is in his home one time and gets attacked.
Jake is on it with Nick Sykes his partner but things take a turn for the worse when a body turns up, the very person they suspected was now dead. What now?
Then Max thinks they’ve caught the person, but he’s told “no, they may come after you again”
This is very much an Whodunnit and Cat & Mouse chase. But you get so caught up in this you find yourself getting breathless keeping up with it.
Fast paced Top notch in the writing field Excellent 3D characters
One I couldn’t stop reading until I finished.
I’m so happy the publisher Allison & Busby sent me his debut. I’ve discovered a great author!ReadAlongWithSue Sue Ward

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Wow! What a thriller. Keeps you guessing right to the end. Can't wait for the next one. It's a must read.Julia Percival

Having had 'debut novel' as one of the criteria when reviewing "What Falls Between the Cracks", the first novel in the Porter and Styles series, any follow up was always going to have the potential to be a tougher one to critique. Well blow me down - Robert Scragg has returned with a darker, tougher, more confident and significantly mesmerising (I NEVER use the word 'gripping', it is far too clichéd!) follow-up that had me seriously wondering if the author hasn't secretly been writing novels under a different name for years. This really doesn't read like a second novel, the levels of intrigue and the plot are just so clever and I found it very original, holding my attention throughout. The characterisation that was introduced in the first book is carried through in this, and we see a little more of the interaction between Porter and Styles and their extended families and how they fit in - just enough, too, they don't take over, but do contribute to the story and move it forwards. Nothing Else Remains definitely feels darker, and the crime so real.Scotkris

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