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Murders Most Foul

Cover of Murders Most Foul

Author: Alanna Knight

Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: E-book
ISBN: 9780749013578
Rights: World
Pub. Date: 28th January 2013

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Format: E-book

Part of the series:
Inspector Faro

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Synopsis of book»

Set in Victorian Edinburgh, a new case for the much-love character, Inspector Faro.

When the body of a prostitute is found in an Edinburgh close, Detective Constable Faro assumes the killing is a random act of violence – until he finds a playing card, the nine of diamonds, planted on her corpse. His superiors scoff at his suspicions of a serial killer, but days later a man is attacked in the street, and left badly bruised and battered with the nine of diamonds in his pocket. Faro believes there’s a connection.

He must contend with other problems, though, if he is to solve the case. Detective Sergeant Gosse does his best to frame suspect after suspect, but remains constantly irritated by his detective constable. And although Faro’s sweetheart Lizzie loves him deeply, he is not sure if he feels the same way. And what of Inga St Ola, Faro’s first and only true love from his native Orkney?

Amongst all this, a servant at Lizzie's place of work goes missing. Could her disappearance be linked to the playing-card killer? Beset by hostile superiors and a police-hating public, Faro feels he may never crack this confounding case.

What Critics Have Said»

'This is a classic murder mystery with its roots set firmly in the tradition of John Dickson Carr and Agatha Christie - just the time frame removed to the previous century and with astonishingly good results. First rate entertainment, and worthy of consideration as a TV drama in my opinion. Top notch.'Booksmonthly

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'The mystery is intriguing, as are the many facets of the characters. All have something to hide, and many much to lose...Evoking the period vividly, with some interesting references to the many legends of ’The Curse of Scotland’, Knight weaves a fascinating tale of murder and revenge. Highly recommended.'Mystery People

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