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Missing Link

Cover of Missing Link

Author: Joyce Holms

Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: E-book
Pub. Date: 26th November 2007

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Format: E-book

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Always in search of a good story, Fizz Fitzgerald finds it hard to hide her impatience when elderly Mrs Sullivan is shown into her office. Genteel and motherly, Mrs Sullivan can only spell one thing: boredom. Fizz is more than shocked, therefore, when Mrs Sullivan asks Fizz to help prove her guilty of murder.

Could this story be too good to be true? Fizz is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery and ropes in long-suffering partner-in-crime Tam Buchanan. However, Buchanan, ever the gentleman, is reluctant to accept an old lady's money on a case that can only prove to be a waste of time. But is it?

This new case for dynamic detective duo Fizz and Buchanan is as puzzling as ever. For starters, why is Mrs Sullivan so keen to be accused of murder? Secondly, who exactly was Amanda Montrose, the murder victim: Lady of the Manor; beneficent Scottish gentlewoman; or, in Mrs Sullivan's own words, a 'scruffy little slut'?

With at least three people claiming to be Amanda's killer, it seems there is a lot more to the Montrose murder than first meets the eye.



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