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Maxwell's Retirement

Cover of Maxwell's RetirementRead An Extract of Maxwell's Retirement

Author: M J Trow

Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: E-book
ISBN: 9780749016715
Pub. Date: 19th June 2014

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Format: E-book

Synopsis of book»

For Peter ‘Mad Max’ Maxwell, the only mystery that has arisen so far this year at Leighford High is the question of how to use a computer. The ‘dinosaur’ Head of Sixth Form just cannot get to grips with technology, and doesn’t see the need to know how to send a text or an email, when a simple note or phone call will suffice. However, it soon becomes vital that he learns when some of his female pupils begin to receive strange and threatening messages, with the anonymous sender claiming to know intimate details about the girls’ personal lives. Then Max starts to receive messages too, and two of the girls go missing. When a body is found it seems that the prank has taken a sinister turn. And Mad Max may well be the next target.

With his job under threat from the ambitious IT technician, Nicole, and the formidable Pansy Donaldson, as well as facing increasing pressure from his wife to retire, will Max manage to crack the case? Or is the chance of him reaching retirement looking more unlikely by the day?

What Critics Have Said»

'Maxwell is something of an institution... this is definitely one of the best and hopefully, not the last. Mad Max's failure to keep up with technology will endear him to a huge proportion of his fan base, of course, while those who can understand the gadgets and gizmos that dominate modern life will be happy to laugh at his discomfort. Maxwell is an inspired character.'Booksmonthly

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'Superb. Still fresh as ever and it doesn't really matter where you start [in the series]. It's one of the few non-police procedurals that really works. Definitely recommended.'The Bookbag

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I have just finished Maxwells Island. Superb as always. I have read every Mad Max novel and hungry for more. Let him not retire for a long time yet. I would like to see a book about his early life at uni surely some tales to tell there.l Stevenson

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