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Maxwell’s Island

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Author M J Trow
Rights World English
ISBN 9780749012236
Pages 400
Publication Date 28th October 2012
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Having had his retirement snatched from him by malfunctioning technology, Peter ‘Mad Max’ Maxwell finds himself facing yet another year at Leighford High School.  Jacquie’s hopes of a dedicated house husband are dashed and she is annoyed further when a family holiday becomes an impromptu school trip, families welcome.  Less than a week into their trip to the Isle of Wight the situation takes another turn for the worse when the wife of Tom Medlicott, the new Head of Art, goes missing, forcing Jacquie to play the role of woman policeman.

Back in Hampshire, when Medlicott himself is found dead at the bottom of the stairs Henry Hall is also drawn into the investigation, but with the man’s entire family lying at the bottom of the morgue, his suspect list is non-existent.  Then Maxwell stumbles by accident on the linchpin to the whole case. He knows the reason, all he has to find is the murderer. And to find him – or her – he will have to cross more than the Solent. With the answer lying in a missing piece of paper, divorces and deceit, will Maxwell survive to apply for retirement again?


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