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Maxwell’s Grave



Author M J Trow
Rights World English
ISBN 9780749011550
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When Peter ‘Mad Max’ Maxwell took his kids from Leighford High on an archaelogical dig, all should have been learning and fun. The professionals were very excited – was the grave they had found that of Alfred the Great? No, because the corpse was not Saxon and it wasn’t a king, but an altogether more recent murder. No sooner has the first body been found than another, a policeman on the case, is found dead at the wheel of his car. What knowledge did he possess that led to his death? And does his colleague, Maxwell’s partner Jacquie Carpenter, unwittingly have the same information?  Maxwell locks horns with the great and not so good in a vicious world of skulduggery, academic back-biting and religious mania which can only end in murder.



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