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Look For Her

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E-book, E-Book (USA), Paperback


Author Emily Winslow
Rights UK & Comm ex Can
ISBN 9780749022761
Pages 320
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The memory of Annalise Wood has haunted the town of Lilling near Cambridge for decades. She went missing in 1976 and although her body was later found, the investigation went cold with no one held responsible. The grief and speculation surrounding her disappearance are engrained in the community.


Forty years on, another young woman stokes her obsession with Annalise, believing that sharing a name with the dead girl has forged a bond between them. When DNA evidence linked to the Annalise Wood murder comes to light, detectives Keene and Frohmann re-examine the case, picking apart previous assumptions and finding sinister connections to a recent drowning.


With her trademark skill in weaving together multiple perspectives and voices, Emily Winslow paints a complex and compelling portrait of a cold case that is far from dead and buried.

What The Critics Said

'This is a really gripping mystery, it's a puzzle, it kept me guessing and wondering right to the end. It had good characterisation with a high standard of writing, and I thought the author was very skillful in giving us shocks and twists, none of which I saw coming!

A very satisfying and enjoyable read which I highly recommend.'

Carole Colbert

'LOOK FOR HER ratchets up the tension while also offering moments of sheer grace. The cold case at the novel's heart - and the chorus of voices obsessed with it - linger long after the last page is turned.'

Riley Sager, bestselling author of FINAL GIRLS

'Nothing is easy or simple, thanks to Winslow's delightfully devious mind. Surprising and satisfying, you won't be able to stop turning the pages of LOOK FOR HER.'

Karen Dionne, author THE MARSH KING'S DAUGHTER

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