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The Lazarus Strain

Cover of The Lazarus StrainRead An Extract of The Lazarus Strain

Author: Ken McClure

Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN: 9780749080150
Rights: World English
Pub. Date: 25th June 2006

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Price: £9.99

Format: Trade Paperback

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The three men got out of the car and paused to read the graffiti.

'Murdering bastards' seemed to be the recurring theme as they moved along, although 'Animals have rights too' was also popular.

Inspector Giles kicked some broken glass from the steps.

'Walt Disney's got a lot to answer for.'

When an apparent animal rights stunt sends shockwaves from the quiet English countryside to the corridors of Whitehall, Sci-Med, an elite investigative agency, sends Dr Steven Dunbar to uncover the truth. However, as a series of brutal incidents lays siege to the unassuming villagers, it is clear that even those held responsible are unable to explain the events or predict what is yet to come. Encountering even more frightening security measures enforced by unknown authorities, Dunbar realises that those who might hold the keys to the mystery are not prepared to help him, and those who have unleashed it will stop at nothing to fulfil their apocalyptic ambitions.

As our most sophisticated means of protection are shown to be useless, the ex-Special Forces medic is tested to the limit. Alone in a race against unspeakable tragedy, he must imagine the unthinkable - and all he knows is that, when the storm breaks, it'll already be too late.

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‘Swap Britain for the US and this could be the latest Michael Connelly – only it’s better’Daily Sport

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‘Some medical thrillers leave you cold—this one will chill you to the bone.’The Northern Echo

‘The latest of the ever-reliable Ken McClure’s scientific thrillers, The Lazarus Strain is a tense and authentically unnerving story’Morning Star

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