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The Island

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E-book, E-Book (USA), Hardback, Paperback

Author Tim Lebbon
Rights UK & Comm exc Canada
ISBN 9780749007140
Pages 328
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Nominated for the David Gemmell Legend Award for Fantasy


Kel Boon thinks he has managed to escape his past life as an agent in the secret organisation, the Core, protecting the blissfully unaware Noreelans from the threat of the lizard-like Strangers – creatures from beyond the known world, capable of untold destruction. In the sleepy fishing village of Pavmouth Breaks, Kel has become the woodcarver, leaving fighting behind and forming a tentative relationship with the trainee witch Namior.


But a storm is brewing. And in the centre of the storm the witches sense something dark. What follows in the wake of the storm threatens the Noreelan’s very way of life, forcing them to face up to the fact that life exists beyond the shores of Noreela, and not all of it is friendly. Kel, too, is forced to accept that he cannot escape his past or his destiny.

What The Critics Said

'An enjoyable addition to the 'Noreela' series, featuring a world that becomes more intriguing with each novel. The Island is a fast, entertaining read that makes a good argument for why you should be reading Tim Lebbon's work.'

Speculative Horizons

'Highly entertaining and thrilling...If you’re looking for a genre-blending novel that combines elements of fantasy and horror than you need look no further than The Island.'

King of the Nerds

‘This stand-alone story is a pulsepoundingadventure with visceral thrills and Lebbon’s signature moral ambiguity. Kel and Namior, strongcharacters with differing personalities, play off one another well, and Noreela is as inspired and fascinating as ever.’


‘Stoker-winner Lebbon returns to the magic-saturated land of Noreela for this gripping adventure…A solidly constructed tale…and compelling protagonists’ (Starred review)

Publishers Weekly

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