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The Hidden Dance

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E-book, E-Book (USA), Hardback, Paperback

Author Susan Wooldridge
Rights World English
ISBN 9780749007294
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Winner of the Big Red Read Award for Best Debut Novel 2010

Runner up for the Big Red Read Fiction Award 2010


On March 1st 1933 the luxury liner, SS Etoile, sets sail from Southampton en route for New York.  England has finally emerged from the terrors of the Great War and yet the new optimism in Europe is tempered by the stirring of Hitler’s National Socialists in Germany. Surely another War is unthinkable?

On board the liner is Lily Sutton – a fragile but determined woman who is seeking to escape the brutality of her failed marriage, and begin life anew in America. During the five days at sea, Lily is caught between the world she leaves behind, with its attendant riches and position in society, and her new-found love which has given her the strength and courage to be herself. Travelling in steerage so as not to attract attention, Lily is terrified that her flight from England will be uncovered, but a new friendship makes the journey easier to bear… until an old enemy surfaces and Lily must do everything she can to protect those she loves most in the world.

What The Critics Said

'What a delight to read...this was a magnificent historical novel, set in a fascinating period of time and with a bittersweet story at heart - it may be set mainly in the 1930s, but some of the issues it tackles are still very topical today.'

Bookalicious Ramblings

'A lovely first novel. In Lily we have a character with whom many will be able to identify.'

'A quietly engaging 1930's romance & mystery...perfect escapism'

The Bookbag

'Entertaining and engrossing. Fans of Nora Roberts and Judith Lennox would certainly like it, and it makes for a perfect holiday read. An afternoon on the beach will fly by.'

Historical Novels Review

'This stunning novel is beautifully written and utterly compelling.'

People's Friend

'Excellent escapism'

Saga Magazine

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