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Grief Encounters

Cover of Grief EncountersRead An Extract of Grief Encounters

Author: Stuart Pawson

Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: E-book
ISBN: 9780749012069
Rights: World Rights
Pub. Date: 25th June 2012

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Format: E-book

Part of the series:
DI Charlie Priest

Synopsis of book»

Mud sticks, but dead men don't bleed.

Magdalena is a woman from DI Charlie Priest's past, who comes very much to the forefront of his present when her lifeless, broken and battered body is found. The one identifying feature is the tattoo on her buttock; Property of the Pope. But who is this Pope and did he want to make Magdalena his possession even in death?

And what about the recent spate of incidents that have left several influential members of the community with tarnished reputations and, in one case, dead? Were they just heading for a fall, or is there a vendetta, a nasty game, afoot?

Whatever is going on, Charlie is right in the middle of it as usual.

What Critics Have Said»

'The characters are all well-drawn, three-dimensional and believable...[Pawson]'s produced a series - and a character - that deserves to be better known.'The Bookbag

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'Following [Charlie Priest's] investigation will take you on a thrilling trail in this fast moving police story which enhances Stuart Pawson's reputation in the crime writers' world.'Yorkshire Gazette & Herald

'Time spent in the amiable company of Charlie Priest is always enjoyable, and Grief Encounter is no exception.'Yorkshire Evening Post

'Enthralling'Financial Times

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What You Say»                                                             Add your review »

Not only have I read all Stuart's previous books, but all of them several times over. I read a great deal of thriller/who-dun-it/crime fiction, both British and American. But Stuart Pawson is my absolute favourite. He would be my total choice for a desert island.Ann Norman, Yorkshire

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I've been a Pawson fan for a while and this book didn't disappoint. keep up the good stuff. I'd recommend this series to anyone I know, and probably start them off with 'The Mushroom Man' which was the book which got me hooked for life!David Montgomery

I thoroughly enjoyed this book - and I'm delighted to see he has a long list of books in the same series. My winter reading is sorted!Jane Elsmith

This was my first introduction to Charlie Priest even though it is the latest in Stuart Pawson's fantastic books. If you enjoy humour, down to earth good English policing this is the book for you. Stuart Pawson has the ability to make you feel that you know DI Priest and his team personally. This book takes twists and turns on the orginal story line leaving you feel 'who did do it', please read it and find out.Laveen Platt

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