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Girls of Tender Age

Cover of Girls of Tender Age

Author: Mary-Ann Tirone Smith

Genre: Biography & Memoirs
Format: E-book
Pub. Date: 18th February 2008

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Format: E-book

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Mary-Ann Tirone Smith grew up in New England during the 1950s, the daughter of an extended French-Italian family. Smith's neighbourhood was typical small-town America - everyone's door was left unlocked at night, and the school, church, library and grocery shop were all within walking distance. In many ways it was a typical rough-and-tumble childhood, but someone would shatter it and change Smith's life and that of the town, forever.

Smith's family is peopled with wonderful characters - her mother who's always on the verge of a nervous breakdown; her adoring father who makes sure Mary-Ann has a proper breakfast every morning before school; Uncle Guido who cooks the annual Italian feast, and numerous aunts and cousins who parade through her life with love, food and endless stories of the old days. And then there's her brother, Tyler. An autistic before anyone knew what that meant, Tyler was unable to bear noise of any kind. To him, the sound of crying, laughing or phones ringing was 'a cloud of barbed needles', and in order to compensate for this, he'd substitute one pain with another ...he'd harm himself.

Hanging over this world is the shadow of a killer. Bob Malm lurks throughout Smith's joyous and chaotic family portrait, until one night in December 1953 when the havoc he causes forever alters her world.

Funny, heart-wrenching and beautifully poignant, Girls of Tender Age is one of those rare books, like Angela's Ashes or The Lovely Bones, that stays in your mind long after you finish it.

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